/ og blómin voru þar enn /

/ och det var fortfarande blommor / 

/ and there were still flowers / 

Duo-exhibition with Sofie Markinhuhta (SE) where we presented our works at KODE 4 in Bergen, Norway. Our practices met in themes of belonging and in ways of approaching existential questions through intimate personal experiences. With the exhibition we aimed to see what it would do to the works if they were installed in dialogue with each other.

Sofie presents María: 
María’s work is unfolding from her own family archive. I always see a tenderness in the way she handles her material. Even when photographs have been cut into pieces, they are still placed carefully. Simultaneously brutal and gentle. 

María presents Sofie: 
I see how Sofie is meeting with the world in her works. The way she circles around climate and crisis anxiety, and cognitive dissonance, she manages to go around the subject openly, inviting the viewer into her works with her playful, yet direct approach.

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