Untitled Family Album is a continuous body of work that is still growing and developing. It started with a hand-made photo album which I made at Copenhagen Film & Photoschool, spring 2018. The photo album has since then, been the source for a whole body of works that continues to grow.

In Untitled Family Album, I use my own family archive to explore the architecture of memory, and how it is influenced by social and biological factors. I'm interested in the importance of family and memory for the development of ones identity.

Untitled Family Album. The Album (2018) is a physical photoalbum. It references to the family albums that we keep in our shelves, that contain family memories.

I am curious about how one's identity is affected by family histories, and how the role of memory plays a part in building op our identity.

Photo-album with photographs, thread, dried flowers from Hvítárdal, Iceland, human hair, buttons from my grandfathers shirt and text after me. 


Untitled Family Album. The Memory (2018) is a continuous work from Untitled Family Album. The Album.

In my further development of Untitled Family Album, I explore the elective quality of the memory and how it is able to selectively reconstruct experiences from the past. I also further explore the importance of experience and memory in shaping our identity.

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Untitled Family Album. The Memory. has been shown at Young Danish Photography 2018. Read more about the exhibition by clicking on the link:

Young Danish Photography 2018

Untitled Family Album. The House (2019)

The 3 dimensional house is a reconstruction of my dad's childhood home at Borgarholt, Iceland. It is a photographic sculpture made of 2 dimensional photographs. The photos are taken from my family archive (around 1967), and from a relative that went to the house and photographed it in March 2019. I have never been at the house, but I have created it with archive. Now it exists through my imagination.

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