Notes (2017)

I moved to Copenhagen in August, 2013. After moving, I noticed that what was socially acceptable in Copenhagen varied drastically from what I grew up to learn as being normal in Hveragerði, Iceland.

Untitled, Social study #1
5:00 am. In Copenhagen it is very important to stay active and look good. Being lazy is not an option.

Untitled, Social study #2
7:26 am. I have noticed that people in Copenhagen have a dog before they have a baby. This looks like the right order: Get an education, buy an apartment, have a dog, have a baby.

Untitled, Social study #3
8:40 am. People in Copenhagen have sufficient mental resources to look good - also right after having a baby.

Untitled, Social study #4
10:01 am. It's always socially acceptable to eat hot dogs. It does not matter the time, the place, or the reason.

Untitled, Social study #5
2:35 pm. Remember to only buy good quality, organic groceries. It does not matter if you can only afford 30% of what you need – it is totally worth it!

Untitled, Social study #6
5:17 pm. If you are living in Copenhagen, you can easily get around town on a Christiania-bike... and it is not inconvenient, it is lovely!

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