Untitled Family Album #2 (2018) represents every other family album. Through my own archive of family photographs, I explore the common human need for recording, storing and passing on memories.

This is a project that has been ongoing for a while. Untitled Family Album #2 is a further development from Untitled Family Album #1. In this work, there is no longer a start and an end - like in the album - but now, each piece is not only dependant on other pieces, but can stand alone if wanted. 

Last time this project was exhibited, it contained 8 finished works. From then, at least 8 more works have come to life. 

Untitled 1

4 Photographs sown together with the artist's hair, combined with dried flowers from Hvítárdalur, Iceland, and nails.

Untitled 6

Thread on photographic paper.

Untitled 5 (a+b)

Acrylic and ink painted on 2 photographs and then partly wiped away.

Untitled 3

Semi-gloss photo paper in multiple layers, mounted on pap. 

Untitled 2 & Untitled_workinprocess

Human- and horse hair, dried flowers from Hvítárdal, Iceland, paper clips with words and buttons from my grandfather's shirt.

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